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Drifting Classes:

Ever thought about trying out the fastest growing motorsport in the world?

Well, we are here to help! Our professional driving coach has over 13 years of experience to get you sliding around our local track.


Cost for 1 class session:

From spring through fall, we do weekday afternoon classes typically from 4-7PM (earlier if the sun goes down before 7PM). This 3-hour class costs $695 and includes everything you need to show up and drive. This class can be split by up to 2 people at no extra cost.


Where's the track:

We utilize IMI Motorsports Complex 1-mile-long road course. It's located in Dacono, Colorado (above 30 minutes north of downtown Denver).


What's included?

We have everything setup when you get to the track. Our 350z drift car comes with brand new tires you get to burn up. We typically get to drive most of the 3-hour session and get around 40 laps on the road course until the rear tires are gone. We also include helmets, track fees, and added damage insurance so everything is covered. Also, you can bring up to 8 friends and family to come hang out and watch if you want.


Drift Rentals:

We also offer rentals of our drift 350z and we've added a new V8 mustang this year as well.

For $1000 you can rent our 350z on a trailer with insurance and 4 new tires so you can bring it to a drift event. The Mustang will cost $1500 for the same deal. Call to inquire.

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